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Friday, January 14, 2011


The Nightboat foundation was created to help people, writers, publish their poetry and novels. The foundation wants to make this world better at understanding the beauty of poetry and what it can bring to this country. A author states "If everyone could just get inspired, they could all write a book." visit the nightboat books webs site by clicking here.

 The nightboat poetry foundation makes it possible for us, as people to widen our horizons. They give you heart to heart feedback that makes you a better writer the whole way.

Youngest Writer

The youngest writer known today was eight year old Jason Gaes. He was diagnosed with Burkitt's lymphoma at six, and given a 1 in 5 chance of survival. Jason felt there should be a book about childhood cancer, telling young people they didn't have to die. His book was put on the best seller list as a national outlook on life.

The book was soon turned into a movie called You don't have to die. It was a huge hit and was called a "You Don't Have to Die is a 1988 short documentary film directed by Malcolm Clarke and Bill Guttentag." by Wikipedia. The movie and book were also called "A young boy's successful battle against cancer and his subsequent efforts to help other children overcome their fears of the illness." by Internet Movie Data base.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Brief History of the Dead....Kevin Brockmeier

In Kevin Brockmeiers new book, The brief History of the Dead, he explains what happens when everyone on earth gets killed by a virus. The only person that lives is a young girl exploring the south pole. His book Briefly explains how the dead are attached to this girl. She has no idea that everyone is dead, but how would she? She's in the South Pole.

 "Some of these writers have been around for a while, Marilynne Robinson for instance, but they're new to me. Most have come on the scene fairly recently, Kevin Brockmeier for instance. All have undeniable talent."

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There have been mixed reactions on the book. Personally I wouldn't read this. It sounds to spooky for me, but some people that would like it are guys that like death and destruction, or even girls that like death and destruction. Either way it sounds interesting no matter who you are.

" In Kevin Brockmeier's new novel, an ever-shifting city of the dead is populated by the souls of those who have died but are still remembered by the living. These folks hang around in an afterlife that's pretty much like regular life."

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Francesca Lia Block

As one of the most promising young authors, Francesca Lia Block has written tons of books dealing with fantasy and teenage drama. She show the promises of all great authors. Creditability, imagination, charm, and humor. She knows how to make her readers laugh or even cry. That takes a good author. Hopefully she will reach the top with all the other authors.

  "Author Francesca Lia Block is renowned for her groundbreaking novels and stories—postmodern, magic-realist tales that transport readers through the harsh, gritty landscapes of contemporary life to transcendent realms of the senses where love is always our saving grace."

Other readers, however find Francesca's books immature and not as unique as she wants us to believe them to be. She uses ideas that have been used before plenty of times. Vampires, ghost, or even the undead, some people find that these topics are getting over used and not worth their time to read. I, however, would feel interested enough to read her books.

"This is powerful stuff, full of love, death, anguish, and redemption. The emotional intensity, sensuality, fantasy, and mature themes (and language) that characterize Block's other work appear here as well, weaving a dark spell over readers ready to enter her universe."