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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anna Karenina...Is it for you?

"The first of the dual plots relates the tragic story of Anna, who falls in love with a handsome young officer. The second plot centers on the happy marriage of Konstantine Levin and his wife Kitty and is Tolstoy's vehicle for dramatizing a search for the meaning of life and a philosophy similar to his own."Another buyer says, " It has been called the greatest novel ever written and I agree." You may find these quotes and this book at these sites:

-Barns and Noble

     This books, as far as I have heard, is a great source of brilliant writing. Leo Tolstoy was a German writer who used his own experiences, but dramatized them into what he would like in life. As far as I have read this book is insightful and charming to the 1800s and I feel that even with the little bit I have read that it is full of astonishing plots and challenges for the main characters Vronsky, Levin, and Anna Karenina. It is a beautiful, cultural, and significant book showing you the lives of several characters at once.

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