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Monday, December 20, 2010

New books...Is it worth the price?

We all know that new books can be more pricey then ones that have been out for awhile. It is a big argument on whether it is worth the price that you have to buy them for. What do you think? Pay the extra ten dollars or wait a few months for the book to either come out in the library or to come out in paperback? It isn't a big choice in life, but it is a costly one.

Another annoynomis blogger wrote, "I actually spend more than $118 on books AND I use the library!" another wrote "The average person spends about 10 dollars on 1 book.It pretty much depends on the book." This just proves that some people spend more on books then others. This person may have been buying all of the hardcover books, or they could have waited to buy the paperbacks...Either way the situations the same. People spend a great amount on books each year while using the library. If we waited awhile to buy books in paperback it would save people hundreds of dollars each year.


  1. Your post on the cost of books is interesting to me. I find that if I find book that I like, I am willing to pay extra to get it right away. I usually figure that if I wait to read the book, I might forget about it or be too busy later. Besides, reading is good for you, right? --RW

  2. I agree, I think the price of books is outrageous, but it's just business. I think the price of books are higher at the beginning because expectant books like Twilight that are especially popular get the higher price because everyone's going to buy them when it comes out. Hopefully with the new eBooks the prices will go down on the paper books....

  3. This is exactly why I ask for books for holidays, I never buy them because I don't usually read them more than once. I have a whole shelf of books at home that I have gotten from other people... and it may just be because I never spend money :p