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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Brief History of the Dead....Kevin Brockmeier

In Kevin Brockmeiers new book, The brief History of the Dead, he explains what happens when everyone on earth gets killed by a virus. The only person that lives is a young girl exploring the south pole. His book Briefly explains how the dead are attached to this girl. She has no idea that everyone is dead, but how would she? She's in the South Pole.

 "Some of these writers have been around for a while, Marilynne Robinson for instance, but they're new to me. Most have come on the scene fairly recently, Kevin Brockmeier for instance. All have undeniable talent."

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There have been mixed reactions on the book. Personally I wouldn't read this. It sounds to spooky for me, but some people that would like it are guys that like death and destruction, or even girls that like death and destruction. Either way it sounds interesting no matter who you are.

" In Kevin Brockmeier's new novel, an ever-shifting city of the dead is populated by the souls of those who have died but are still remembered by the living. These folks hang around in an afterlife that's pretty much like regular life."

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  1. The plot of the book sounds really interesting. Since you haven't read the book yourself, it might be good to get a few quotes (opinions) from people who have read the book. --RW

  2. What an eerie sounding book. Despite the aforementioned I think it would be a good read though.